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Khilna Samat

Khilna Samat

too was afraid of public speaking just like most people. It took a lot of courage to stand before an audience to give a speech. However, I was never alone. Mrs. DiBella (Mrs. D) was my coach and mentor and encouraged me to take charge and to stretch those limits and to take chances! This helped me build confidence and open up and push boundaries. She reminded me over and over again to remember the opportunity the skill of communication will give to me. It is easy to sit back and only do the things that are comfortable but where would that get me. My aspirations required me to enter a discomfort zone and I took Jackie DiBella's advice to truly push the boundaries. I gave it my best shot. Jackie DiBella told me that nobody can ever ask of me more than I was capable. This helped me develop an inner sense of self satisfaction, which in turn enhanced my confidence. I took chances and mixed with people who are leaders at what my goals and aspirations are. I learned from what they do and examined how I could learn their methods to increase my chances of success.

Mrs D. was patient with me because she genuinely wanted me to succeed. I learned to speak to large audiences and could see I was holding their attention. With her help I was able to make my voice be heard, persuade people to see my point of view and to lead. When I gave my speeches I had realized that public speaking was indeed an art, skill and science. Just like a piece of art work that is started with a scratch and finished with a touch of perfection, so, is any well written speech when delivered skillfully. Mrs. D encouraged me to go and do something out of my comfort zone and I don't regret it. I learned that personal growth is about getting rid of the fear first by letting go of self judgment, self doubt. When I felt good about myself, it was a lot easier to step outside of my comfort zone. The only medicine for public speaking is to keep speaking to the public. The uncomfortableness of standing in front of an audience will lessen over time with each presentation. It was uncomfortable falling off my bike the first time I rode it. Yet, I picked myself up, got back on, and tried, again. The same will occur with speaking. The more times it’s done, the easier it will become.

- Khilna Samat from Tanzania, Africa,
A Math and Science Major on her journey
to be a veterinarian

Thao Hoang

Thao Hoang

ackie. DiBella is a great women/ teacher/ mentor to her clients.. She has helped me tremendously with my public speaking and communication skills. Although I had some public speaking experience, I was not confident when speaking in front of a lot of people as I did not have enough practice and guidance. Jackie DiBella encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and to take a chance to increase my confidence and poise. I never expected to meet a person that truly cared for my progress and success in public speaking such as Jackie DiBella. She patiently listened to my speeches several times and gave constructive feedback. She always encouraged me to believe in myself and let my voice be heard. She said that my accent from Viet Nam was my asset and not a liability.

Jackie DiBella cares about her clients and treats them with sincerity and kindness. There is much more I can say, but I think anyone who works with Mrs. DiBella will feel a positive and vibrant energy radiating from her. In her, you meet a strong-willed and activist woman of the 1960s, a dedicated instructor, coach and mentor with endless passion in public speaking/ communications, and a kind lady that can fill your heart with warmth and peace.

- Thao Hoang, from Hanoi, Viet Nam

Jackie Dibella with clients

Liz Wimbush, Jackie DiBella, Dan Kreling

Cliff Scutella
Cliff Scutella
Director of Student Activities
Genesee Community College

ackie DiBella is a teacher, mentor, advocate, coach, and a friend. She motivates, illustrates, encourages, demonstrates, and supports all who come in contact with her and she challenges them to do their best every day. Jackie is diligent, tireless, enthusiastic, committed, and dedicated to each endeavor she undertakes and works effortlessly in pursuit of her vision. We have collaborated on many projects and have been able to not only envision those tasks, but have been able to accomplish each and every one. Jackie has not only enlivened my career, but has enriched my life. I am very fortunate to have Jackie DiBella in my live. I am proud to call Jackie my friend and my colleague.

Azumi and Jackie

Azumi Yamaguchi and Jackie
Graduation Day 2011

or most international students, public speaking is one of the most dreadful or terrifying class to take because English is not their mother tongue. If one has not traveled to a foreign country and speak that country’s language, you may not understand how we feel. Some of the international students, including me, are aware that the other classmates stare at us and try to find faults with our presentations. As a result, we often shiver and lose our thoughts of what we want to say, and our voice becomes low and not audible or shaking with nervousness.

In my case, I usually become nervous even if I give a speech in Japanese. My speech was often disorganized because of being tense and my friends told me that they were embarrassed for me. Their words completely shook my confidence towards giving a speech. I had hated giving a speech in front of many people since this time.

However, I realized that public speaking class is requirement for almost all major universities or colleges in the U.S. Although I understood public speaking is inevitable, I was still reluctant. One day, one of my Japanese friends told me that Mrs. DiBella, a public speaking teacher, is really tolerant towards international students. Then, I sent an E-mail to her and requested to enroll in her class because her class was already full. She admitted me willingly and encouraged me reassuringly. Now, I believed our meeting was truly destiny.

I acquired a lot of essential results from Mrs. DiBella’s public speaking class. One of them was further interests in English. Public Speaking requires people to have advanced negotiation skills, and it made me think about English more than before. I succeeded to improve my vocabulary. Also, I learned the importance of how to start my speech including opening the speech. At the end of the semester, I decided to study Communications and Public Relations as I transitioned to another school. I acquired a lot of learning techniques from Mrs. DiBella’s public speaking class.  Also, I learned the importance of the structure of a speech such as a proper introduction – transitions – main points – body and conclusion.

Mrs. DiBella also created venues to allow us to speak to large audiences and this was an excellent training ground for me.

Finally, the most significant result I had was confidence in giving a speech. Mrs. DiBella also created venues outside of the college to allow us to speak to large audiences and this was an excellent training ground for me. Students have to give a speech in front of many people including the president of their school and executives from companies. I always remember what I learned in Mrs. DiBella’s public speaking class whenever I write a script and prepare for my presentations. I have much less anxiety and I learned a little anxiety can be good before going before the audience. It is a shot of adrenalin that is very positive and I even enjoy giving a speech today! Yes, I changed a lot. Some of my classmates and teachers told me “You always look so poised and confident when you give a presentation!” or “You are a good speaker!” These accolades make me feel good and I always look back at the days before I met Mrs. DiBella and I was fearful of public speaking.

-Azumi Yamaguchi - Tokyo, Japan

John McGowan
John M. McGowan
Career Center Coordinator
Career Services
Genesee Community College

have known and worked alongside Jackie Di Bella for a number of years at Genesee Community College.  During this time, Jackie has demonstrated a strong desire to promote student success in every capacity.  Whether taking time to support students with communication, leadership, or job search activities, Jackie is always willing to go beyond her regular duties.  This has been accomplished through professionalism and role modeling.  As a professor, co-advisor and leader of the Multicultural Public Speaking club, Jackie consistently expects the best from students.  This is a tribute to her dedication and high standards of professionalism.  It has been and currently a pleasure to know and work with Jackie, both as a colleague and friend.    


Jackie and Liz
Liz Wimbush and Jackie DiBella
Media Services
Genesee Community College

met Jackie DiBella January 2007 at Genesee Community College and there are no words that describe her commitment to the students and their development and growth on their journey to professionalism.

I photograph many instructors that teach communication/ speech and Jackie is by far the most experienced in her field. She is dedicated to her students professionally and personally. She puts her heart and soul into her students/clients to ensure that they can be their best. She devotes a lot of her personal time to work with her clients, students and colleagues and guides them to where they need to be to be successful. Anytime you call upon Jackie, she is there; that is how devoted she is to make sure you reach the stars.

Her goal is to make sure that everyone is comfortable in preparing and presenting their speeches and how important it is to be an excellent communicator!

She truly is one in a million. She moves me when I have videotaped her classes along with her students and to see first-hand how they progress with their speeches from beginning to end. To me, that is what mentoring is all about. ! I am honored to be…… not only Jackie’s colleague, but her friend.

–Elizabeth “Liz” Wimbush
     Media Services, Genesee Community College

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