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The adage says that talk is cheap. Well it isn't. Talk can be extremely expensive, both literally and figuratively. Communication skills are one of the most important assets one can possess.

Public speaking walks hand in hand with leadership.  According to a survey taken by the National Association of Colleges and Employers communication skills were tied with honesty and integrity as the most important quality for job candidates to possess.

No matter what career path you have selected, you
have found out the need for public speaking and communication skills.

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Liz Wimbush
Analyze your communication style
Taking the step to analyze your communication style will open the doors to joining a very large and venerable club.

Communication will allow you to communicate your concerns with others and to take the necessary steps so that your voice can be heard. Finding your "voice" is a gift to yourself.

Most individuals are poor communicators. It is not that they cannot communicate; it’s that they do not. Individuals who want to be effective leaders must stimulate constant communication.

It is incomprehensible that leaders do not respond to subordinates emails or voice mail messages. How can there be a leadership initiative when leaders do not walk their talk.

Communication is incredibly important, and yet so many leaders are terrible at it. If there is going to be an error, err on the side of too much communication. You cannot over-invest in communication.

Individuals do not need to be spectacular orators or eloquent writers to communicate effectively. One needs only to capture the audience's imagination with vivid detail, well selected language, and demonstrate passion. Jackie DiBella will coach you how to do this.


There is an anonymous quote that says:

“Trying to speak of something as messy as communications in technical terms seems to be another form of the “math and science” argument, that is, math, science and technology are the answer to all of our problems.”


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Jackie DiBella and Sean Hale
In other words, what forms of human behavior are not messy? Learning is not antiseptic and it is discussed all the time. Leadership and management seems to be even messier, yet it is categorized, models are built on it, it is indexed, chopped, sliced, diced, and pyramids are built out of it. Generally, everyone has a good time discussing it. But when it comes to communication, it is called too messy to play with and it is left to the writers to write books on the subject so that we can read about it and buy their books. Yet we all communicate almost every single day of our lives, which is much more than we will ever do with learning or leadership.

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Dan Kreling

Essentials of the coaching
You will learn how to manage speech anxiety, organize a speech, how to develop the main points and transitions in your speech, how to give a powerful introduction and conclusion, the importance of vocal variation, non-verbal communication, and delivery. Develop great listening and responding skills, and how to build self-esteem and confidence.

Learn to identify the barriers to communication such as one's culture, background, and even bias.

You will receive positive feedback in the form of evaluations of your speeches. This will help you for future speeches and in determining whether the intention of your speech is understood.


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