Jackie Dibella Communications

ackie DiBella Communications is a consulting firm with a specialized focus on communications and public speaking for the business person and International and U.S. College students.

Jackie has a proven track record in the art – science – skill of public speaking.  She has the ability to refine speeches and coach via Skype or personal interview delivery skills.  It has been proven that 70% of a message is body language.  Jackie will coach client on how to get the message across utilizing animate body language.

Jackie has extensive experience crafting effective public relations, marketing strategies and tactics, as well as driving sales in highly competitive niche markets.

She is astute to the finer points of communications, public speaking, public relations, trade relations and contract negotiations - always striving for win-win results on high-value relationships.

Operationally agile, she has a knack for overseeing and directing special events and promotions.

With client-driven results her foremost concern, she delivers world class services.

Jackie Dibella
Jackie DiBella

Strong global etiquette -
wisdom to thrive in today's
competitive business world.

"Taking Public Speaking was a special challenge for me because English is not my mother tongue. Speaking in front of Americans boosted my self-confidence and the key factor was Jackie DiBella as my coach. 

She is serious and straightforward, and she is so committed about the learning environment that her clients feel her care and concern about a safe and fun learning environment.

Jackie helped me to overcome my fear of speaking in public and  as my mentor she boosted my self-assurance and self-esteem.

The city I live in is called Americana, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  My Job title is IT Specialist."

- Dan Kreling

Jackie with a client

Jackie DiBella working with Dan Kreling

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